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Prayer for Pride Flag-Raising

River City Pride kicked off today with the traditional flag raising at City Hall. The gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered and two-spirited rainbow flag flies in front of City Hall, in place of River City's municipal flag, for the week of Pride. The mayor and the chair of the Pride Festival Committee together raised the flag, where a nice breeze snapped it taut.

As pastor of the River City MCC, I traditionally bless the Pride flag and the Pride Week festivities. This is the prayer I used this year, modified only slightly from last year.

Prayer for Pride Flag Raising Spirit of Creation, we know you by so many names—Ground of Being, Grandfather, Gaia, Higher Power, Jesus the Christ, Allah, God, Void, and so many others. Bless us, your people, as we gather to celebrate in the coming days. Bless our pride in who we are, in all our diversity, as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, intersexed, two-spirited, questioning, and straight people, as an expression of your creative love. Bles…

Reaction to The Good Sam

Well, several of you have asked, here on the blog and in emails, how it went over.

Sank without a ripple. No reaction afterwards. Not "Good one," nor "You might want to rethink telling stories."

In my experience, that means people are trying to decide if they liked it or not. It might have disturbed them a bit. Maybe it made them mad. Maybe they liked the point but not how I made it.

It's OK. I'm sure I'll hear more in the next few days. One thing about this congregation--they do tell me how they feel about my sermons.

And all I can say is, the Board wanted me to push the envelope. They said so in my evaluation. Can you blame me for taking them at their word?

I'll keep you posted on any more energetic reaction.

The Good Sam

(My sermon for this Sunday, July 15.)Greg groaned and tried to stand. His head hurt, but when he tried to raise a hand to touch it, the pain his shoulder stopped him short. Slowly he remembered; the picket outside that disgusting club—Miss KittyKat’s, it was called, full of drag queens and kings, perverts, homos and lezzies of every kind. He and the others from Missionary Four-Square Bible Church had shown them the power of God’s wrath, for sure. 100 strong, they had picketed that place of sin until the police made them leave. He must have taken a wrong turn on the way back to the subway—he put a hand to his back pocket. His wallet was gone! He had been mugged! The grinding pain in his head made his knees sag and he sat down hard on the doorstep. How was he going to get home? Then the grinding pain overwhelmed him again and he fell into darkness. Ryan hurried down the street. Marian was going to be furious, that was for sure. Ryan had promised his wife he’d be home by midnight, and he…


free enneagram test

Yep, I'm a Type 2. Mother Teresa or a manipulative s.o.b., depending on whether I'm healthy or not.

Thanks to RDQ for posting hers which led me to do the same.

We Have a Photo!

As promised, a photo of RDQ and RP at our Conference. RP is on the left (you can tell by the rainbow scarf), RDQ on the right.

Dinner, Part II

Well, I promised to let you know the results of coming out to two friends from high school.First of all, let me say how much they both are like they were in high school. One is still a little off-centre, off-beat. The other is still serene and sweet. And they’re still friends!We went to dinner and when the question came up about what MCC was, I took a deep breath and plunged in.The story of leaving the United Methodist Church and transferring to MCC was quickly told, and I lookedfrom one face to the other. “It must have been very difficult for you to do that,” said Off-Beat. “I’m impressed that you were able to speak your truth.”“The church has a ways to go,” said Serene. And that was it.Now, the emails may have flown fast and furious the next day, I don’t know. But the rest of the evening passed uneventfully, just three friends hanging out talking, drinking the white wine and iced tea. And when she dropped me off, Serene said, “Be sure to let me know when you’re in town next so we ca…

Monday Afternoon, Almost Back from Conference Edition

I’m physically back from Conference, but still tired and yet elated. In the interests of informing my eager readership (all three or four of you) and also of procrastinating from other things, here’s my report on General Conference.You can read Rev. Dona Q.’s version of events on her biog ( just be aware that there are many versions of truth.That is, I did indeed experience snorting beverages, but I think they were both RDQ’s fault. Or one was, and the other was the fault of Honest Lawyer. They were not my fault. OK, they were. But we were having fun.
Highlights for me were:Clergy conference. Wonderful speakers (including James Nelson), powerful worship services, and incredible fellowship made these three days very special. One of the things I love about conference is getting to spend time with clergy colleagues I may email with regularly (or not so regularly—sorry, Honest Lawyer and Former Baptist!), even have lunch with—but don’t always have time t…