Monday, March 16, 2015

Spring is Coming! Spring is Coming!

Holy cow--can't believe I haven't posted since December!

Well, the winter months of January and February are always rough for me, and while this year was better than most, I still struggled a bit.

However, spring is on the way--we've had lovely warm weather, the huge piles of snow are vanishing from parking lots and lawns, and I am gathering my information for the tax guy...

I have gotten a lot of reading done--a biography of Joan of Arc (quite readable, if a bit heavy-handed with the feminist theory--not all legs are phallic), one of Teilhard de Chardin, the Hunger Games series (liked the first one, thought the second two should have been one), and a collection of essays on book collecting. I'm still reading a bio of Alan Turing, How Shall We Then Live?, the collected works of HP Lovecraft (99 cents on amazon! How could I turn it down?), City of God, and a Profiles in Courage for LGBTQIA history. And I am participating in an on-line reading group for the Aubrey/Maturin series--love them, and get a bit more from them each time I read them. And of course, I am always reading Lord of the Rings, the Lymond Chronicles, and King Hereafter...

Had a wonderful couple of days with my son at Fort Leonard Wood before his graduation from military training. He's an amazing young man, if I do say so myself--bright, caring, thoughtful, caring... Yeah, I'm a proud mom!

I'm continuing to use the Narrative Lectionary. Haven't had much feedback on it from the congregation, but I have found it interesting and challenging. We've simplified worship a bit, so I have less writing to do for the liturgy each week (which I miss), but given the time I have to work with, it's the only feasible choice.

All in all, trying to pick up threads that I've allowed to drop, and get back into my previous routine.

It fits with the sense of the season, not only spring but Lent--time to begin new, fresh, renewing and refreshing. In picking up those threads and finding a new routine, it's also time to cut back the deadwood of what is not working, what is not "living" for me--those reading plans and detailed schedules of what to do when. Time for some more spontaneity, relaxation, opening to possibility like a flower. It's spring, for heaven's sake!

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