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Spring is Coming! Spring is Coming!

Holy cow--can't believe I haven't posted since December!

Well, the winter months of January and February are always rough for me, and while this year was better than most, I still struggled a bit.

However, spring is on the way--we've had lovely warm weather, the huge piles of snow are vanishing from parking lots and lawns, and I am gathering my information for the tax guy...

I have gotten a lot of reading done--a biography of Joan of Arc (quite readable, if a bit heavy-handed with the feminist theory--not all legs are phallic), one of Teilhard de Chardin, the Hunger Games series (liked the first one, thought the second two should have been one), and a collection of essays on book collecting. I'm still reading a bio of Alan Turing, How Shall We Then Live?, the collected works of HP Lovecraft (99 cents on amazon! How could I turn it down?), City of God, and a Profiles in Courage for LGBTQIA history. And I am participating in an on-line reading group for the Aubrey/Maturi…