My Personal Friday Five

Mother Laura's Friday Five looks great, but today I have my own personal Friday Five I need to share.

The lump I mentioned last month? Well, I had a biopsy last week, and the pathology report came back positive--I have breast cancer. I am scheduled for a lumpectomy on Tuesday the 16th, and then radiation later on. Prayers are coveted...

So--What's my Friday Five? Five things I am grateful for, that are blessing my life in this moment of fear and uncertainty.

1. First and foremost, the love and support of Strong Heart. I could not ask for more than she has given me--she knows what I need when I need it, by some miracle. She also isn't afraid to shake me up a bit when I get stuck in the fear and forget the faith.

2. The love and support of my family and friends--from my sisters, son and mother to co-workers to people I work with on community projects to my dearest friends--all offering love, encouragement, positive vibes and everything from lawn mowing to meals.

3. My confidence in my surgeon. Simply put, she is awesome--I like, trust, and respect her very much. She's not only a nice person, but is a great surgeon. The ultrasound technician and a friend who works at the hospital both had very positive things to say about her, too, so it isn't just me!

4. The medical researchers and the fundraisers who have contributed to the advances in medicine that allow me to have this done as an outpatient surgery and to know, unlike women of my grandmother's generation, that this not a death sentence or necessarily even a painful long, drawn-out process ahead of me.

5. That it was found early on--I do self-examination (because my sister is a survivor), I was taken seriously by the surgeon, I had an ultrasound and biopsy quickly, she got me into the office and then scheduled for surgery immediately. No messing about here!

And a bonus--I also recognise that I am especially blessed to be living in Canada and covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (because I am working here and most certainly paying taxes!). I don't have to worry about paying for the ultrasound or the surgeon's office visit or for the surgery or radiation treatments--not even a co-pay. If I were at a similar pulpit in the States, I would be on my own--which is to say, no coverage. Thus, this is a huge blessing!

So--Tuesday, I would crave your prayers. We are thinking positively!


Sally said…
((((RP))))Prayers are assurred.
EmJayDee said…
Amen to Sally's comment. Thanks for such a good post. Glad you are surrounded by such wonderful personal and professional support.
Prayers for all
Jan said…
(((RP))) I'm new here, but I'm still praying.
Teri said…
lots of praying, RP. Thanks for sharing this with us. (((RP)))
Songbird said…
Joining those who are praying, RP.
LutheranChik said…
{{{{RP}}}} from all of us at our house...prayers ascending.
Julie said…
Praying for you. (((RP)))
Gord said…
mamaS said…
Rev. Sharon said…
My prayers are with you; thank you for reminding me to be grateful for that which is in my life! May the Lord be with you in all the very best ways, and with those around you! {{{hugs}}}
Deb said…
RP -
Praying. I have many Breast Cancer survivors in my family. Yes. I take self-exams and annual check ups seriously.

I am praying for peace and comfort and a quick return to full health.


Mary Beth said…
Here late but praying!!

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