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"All Kinds" April 14, 2013 (Easter 3C)


Friday Five--Random!

Trying to get back in teh habit of with a push from the RevGals, here's a random Friday five///

1.  How are you doing?  What's going on in your life?
Busy is the only word for it. The church has a project and a crisis, the community organisation that I sit on the board of ditto, still recovering from Easter, can't wait for my retreat in ten days...

2.  Have you ever resigned from a position?  What was the good-bye like?
Many times in my previous career and once as a pastor. In the latter case, they knew I was taking a sabbatical because of a divorce; they didn't know I was coming out as well.  The good-bye was supportive and caring, and I think would mostly still have been, even if they had known the real reason for the sabbatical.

3. So, we are still resurrecting...still getting used to New Life!!  What is a source of new life for you?
Increasingly, yoga. The level of tension in my life has gone up steadily over the last few months, and I knew I needed some…

To Go Public or Not to Go Public....

So here's a question for you all (I know, the teeming hordes at the gate...all six of you!).

I am thinking of opening this blog up and no longer keeping it incognito. When I began it, I felt I needed the anonymity, that sometimes I might want to blog about things that I couldn't say in public as me. As time has gone on, either there's nothing I couldn't say in public or I am not as concerned about it! And, I would like to have a place to share some of the things I am (and hoping to) write, not only sermons, but prayers, book reviews, liturgy, random rants, etc. Of course I could continue to do so incognito, but I think I want them out there with my name.

For those of you who have gone this route--anonymous, then public--how did it go? Did you go back and check to see if there were any posts you would not want the public (or your congregation) to associate with your name? Did you announce that "the pastor now has a blog, well, actually has had one but now you know?…

"The Integrity of Doubt" Easter 2C