Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Five Truly Random!

Did you know there's actually a boat company called Ladybug Boats? This is not their logo.

1.  If you were a character in a children's storybook, which storybook would it be, or what character, and why?
I am probably a lot like Meg in A Wrinkle in Time—certainly I identified with her as a kid. Socially inept, with a single mom…

2.  What is something you are looking forward to this weekend?
I get to officiate at a wedding tomorrow!! Love that. Also, a friend is celebrating his doctoral degree tomorrow night—looking forward to that too.

3.  If you had an invisibility cloak for a day, how would you use it?
Hmm. I would wear it to yoga class. Seriously. I love the yoga, but feel very ackward sometimes.

4.  I "lose" my keys all the time.  In fact, sometimes I lose them several times a day.  It is so bad that a member of my congregation gave me "instantly remember where you left your keys intense memory-stimulating mint gum."  Is there something you misplace or lose often?
Yeah, I am a key-loser too. There are so many doors in our church building (it was added onto and added onto, and so there are lots of doors between the different sections; and because it is so large, to be sure it’s secure, the locks have been retained), I take my keys with me anytime I leave the office. Unfortunately, that also means I leave them—in the sanctuary, in the washroom, in the fellowship hall, in the copy room…. Luckily the custodian knows my keychain and brings them to me or tells me where I left them—which is usually once or twice a week!

5.  Use the following words in a sentence:   ladybug, rowing, diner, sloth, and knitting.
While rowing to the diner for dinner with her best friend the sloth, the ladybug kept her knitting dry in a plastic bag (we’ve had a lot of rain here recently).

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