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On the Journey XII

I am DONE with chemotherapy!

My last treatment was Wednesday morning February 18th! It went well--no problems with access or reactions or anything like that. The oncology nurse, Betty, apologised that they were out of their "last treatment goody bags," and told me to be sure and get mine when I come back for my port care appointment next month. Apparently there's bubbles to blow and nice scents to put on (since you're asked to refrain from perfum during treatments). Goody bag? Heck, I'm just glad it's over!

The next step is radiation treatments. These are external beams of xrays used to kill any other cancer cells. Some of the treatments will be spread, to get the lymph nodes under my arm. Others will be more tightly focused, on the area where the tumour was.

I'll get a dose every day, five days a week for seven weeks, so 35 doses total. The last five will be "boosts," or more intense doses.

Side effects are skin irritations (redness, swelling, itc…