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Like a Pebble in Your Shoe; Pentecost 6, July 24, 2011


"Watching What We Weed"


Catching Up For the Umpteenth Time...

Having briefly moved away from River City, I am now back where I feel I belong. I've found a lovely nest of an apartment (only word for it; a small one-bedroom perched on the top floor, airy and tree-shaded), and am settling in.

While my reasons for moving away were complicated, my reason for moving back is much simpler--this is where I need to be. For my calling, for the church I serve, for my mental and physical health, I need to be here. And so, with some difficulty, here I am!

And I must thank some folks for helping me to take this step--I made the decision, they gave me the assistance to do it. I was given a place to stay--safe, comfortable, caring, a haven in every sense of the word--when I was in desperate need. Physical labour in moving my belongings under circumstances both physically and emotionally difficult. Shelter for my things, which, while they are only things, nonetheless are meaningful and necessary (bed, chair, books...). Sacrifice of time and energy, and a shar…