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Reading List: A Work in Progress

I love to read. I doubt that's a secret to anyone who has known me for more than ten minutes. It is probably one of the reasons I did well scholastically. Recently though, I have found that my reading feels aimless; I read whatever I happen to pick up at the library, or that catches my eye at the bookstore, or is suggested to me by the ever-helpful, up selling logarithms of Amazon. The thing is, I have a large (OK, huge) To Be Read pile which I have made very little progress on. In the spirit of de cluttering and reorganizing, I want to whittle that down. I know it will never go away, that is not in the nature of TBR piles. But right now, I do not know if any particular book is one I will want to keep or not, because I haven't read it yet. But if it is not a "keeper," then I want it out of the house. This is also true of my e-books, except that those don't have to be dusted nor do I trip over them. The solution, I have decided, is a reading list. I do well with l…