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Up and Down in May

Well, yes, it’s been a while. Literally no time to journal, let alone blog.Mid-May, Strong Heart was told she needed surgery. So three days later, there we were—me in the waiting room, her in surgery.The staff was marvellous—again! I had some real reservations, since this time we were in a medical facility in the States, in a relatively small town. But they were accepting and even affirming of our relationship (one of the aides came running in to tell us the good news about California), and took wonderful care of Strong Heart. To be honest, they were some of the best medical staff I have ever seen, and I have worked in more than one hospital. They were cheerful, helpful, upbeat, and friendly—it almost seemed as if they LIKED working there! So Strong Heart is now staying with me while she recuperates, which is an experience all in itself! I’ve learned to drive her car (it’s easier for her to get in and out of), we’re catching up on all those DVDs we’ve always wanted to see, and she’s r…


The surgeon says she thinks it is merely a cyst--to be monitored and checked again in three months, but not to be operated on!


And gratitude to the office staff and the surgeon, who with their graciousness and matter of fact acceptance of Strong Heart's presence with me, once again proved to me why I LOVE living in Canada.