Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Up and Down in May

Well, yes, it’s been a while. Literally no time to journal, let alone blog.

Mid-May, Strong Heart was told she needed surgery. So three days later, there we were—me in the waiting room, her in surgery. The staff was marvellous—again! I had some real reservations, since this time we were in a medical facility in the States, in a relatively small town. But they were accepting and even affirming of our relationship (one of the aides came running in to tell us the good news about California), and took wonderful care of Strong Heart. To be honest, they were some of the best medical staff I have ever seen, and I have worked in more than one hospital. They were cheerful, helpful, upbeat, and friendly—it almost seemed as if they LIKED working there!

So Strong Heart is now staying with me while she recuperates, which is an experience all in itself! I’ve learned to drive her car (it’s easier for her to get in and out of), we’re catching up on all those DVDs we’ve always wanted to see, and she’s resting—more or less. The surgery seems to have done what it was supposed to, and given her relief from pain.

But on top of that good news, we had bad news. This past weekend, we had to say goodbye to Mr. M. He had been having more and more trouble navigating stairs and controlling his back legs; and there were other signs of possible kidney failure. So the vet was honest with us, but clear and kind—we could keep Mr. M. around for a while, but he would be in pain. So, remembering how good he had been to us, we were good to him, and gave him release. The staff was great—we have been surrounded recently with wonderful medical people, for which thank God!—and allowed us all the time we needed to say goodbye.

Mr. M. was my best friend and companion for the last 14 years—he saw TO from first grade through his first year of college; me through seminary, a divorce, coming out, denominational transfer, ordination, an international move, the end of one relationship, and the beginning of another. He had many friends, both human and animal—best of all was his buddy Teddy, another Corgi who is waiting for him on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. One of my recent joys was watching him and Strong Heart become good buddies—bonding over time spent on the porch, drinking coffee and having a smoke (Strong Heart), sprawling on the floor (Mr. M.), and watching the world go by (both of them).

It’s been a roller coaster of a month, May has—to be capped (pardon the pun) by Strong Heart’s seminary graduation this coming Saturday!


Teri said...

oh my, you have been busy! Glad SH is okay, and so sorry about Mr. M. I can't imagine how hard that must have been for both of you.

Sue said...

Oh my. I'm glad that SH is doing well and the surgery was a success. I'm so very sorry about Mr. M.

liturgy said...

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