Friday, June 10, 2016

Friday Five: Throwback Tunes!

Today being Friday, we are back to the Friday Five! And we're talking music, specifically the music of our yout'.  My tastes have changed somewhat since then, although recently I've gone back and rediscovered some of my favorites. 

Which musical artist from your teen years would you love to see in concert?
 The best really was Billy Joel--that I saw in concert, that is. The artist(s) that was (were) performing--well, there were several that were sort of overlapping--getting their start at the same time I was in high school/university:  kd lang, Prince, Melissa Etheridge, Indigo Girls, Sweet Honey in the Rock... Buffy Saint Marie for sure. And others that were already known that I wasn't able to see in concert--Bruce Springsteen, for example.

Which album was your favorite during high school?
Buffy Saint Marie's Fire and Fleet and Candlelight; played it to death. Although there were several of John Denver's that got a lot of play too.

If you could create a festival (like Woodstock, Lilith Fair or Lollapalooza) of your favorite bands from high school or college, which bands would you choose?
Ha--this would be quite interesting, a very eclectic mix. In no particular order: Prince, Bruce, kd lang, Beatles, Buffy Saint Marie, Melissa E., Billy Joel, Indigo Girls, and the Kinks.

What was the best concert you’ve attended in your life?
Billy Joel, his 42nd St tour (I think). He didn't have a warm-up act, he played for three solid hours plus a twenty-minute solo encore and we had great side balcony seats.

What song from your childhood, teen years or adulthood means more to you now (because of lyrics or the power of memory)?
This is proving difficult. I'm not sure there is one. Many of my favorite songs can take me back, remind me of people and places and events. I don't know that any of them have any more meaning now than they did then, though. But here's one that was played at practically every dance my senior year of high school, even though it is barely danceable...

Monday, June 06, 2016

Houston, We Have Touchdown...

I've landed in my new habitat--Brookfield, IL!

The trip out, driving a U-Haul filled with all my worldly possessions including myself and Dylan, was mostly smooth. The last bit was exciting, thanks to a thunderstorm, rush hour, and some hinky Google Map directions, but I made it!

Dylan and I are settled in a long-stay hotel, looking for a home, preparing for office hours this week and starting to schedule meetings and plan for the coming days and weeks--in other words, to settle in. He seems quite comfortable in the hotel, appreciating the first floor window sill view of the landscaping and parking lot, as he can keep an eye on the chipmunks, squirrels, cars, dogs, children, etc. quite easily.

I would like to get into an apartment soon, but the last two apartments I had hoped for were both gone... However, I have appointments to see a couple more this afternoon, and calls in on still's hoping!

Most of all, I am ready to get back into the habits and routine of pastoring--the daily readings and pondering and note-taking for the message, the exchanges and emails and meeting prep, the search for the worship materials and putting it together...I've missed it the last couple of weeks of move prep and moving! I am eager to get to know this amazing congregation better and have them get to know me--to work with them, to learn with and from them and for us to grow together.

Office hours start tomorrow...are we ready?

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