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Friday Five—Advent Confidential


Twenty Questions? How About 30?

Browsing around on Facebook the other day (a favourite procrastination method), I ran across this. After reading it, I decided, as part of my ongoing work, to answer one question every day. This gives me time to really think about the question, and the answer. It’s only been a couple of days, but I am already finding it rewarding and revealing.

See, these questions Andrea Balt asks aren’t about your weight or how your last relationship ended or whether you really like the work you do for pay or your bucket list. They go deeper than that and ask for some real thought, probing your motivations, your desires, whether your self is expressed in what you do and say. They are about bringing you—the real you, the you are working on becoming, the ideal you—into sharper focus and closer to reality. 
Some of the questions—what do you want to be remembered by, how do you manage your time, and so on—are fairly predictable. But she turns some of the questions into deeper probes—what do you want to…

“All the Saints of Our Lives" All Saints Sunday (November 3, 2013), MCC WIndsor, Rev. Martha Daniels


Just Keep Praying! October 20, 2013 (Pentecost 22), MCC Windsor, Rev. Martha Daniels