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Friday Five--the Advent of Advent

Five Things About Advent

1. I love Advent--there is something about the expectation, the preparations, both in the church and in the world, that makes this such a time of possibility. It is a sad truth that Advent is a busy time for clergy. Just when I would like to be settling in for quiet contemplation and preparation, I am busy with preparations for our congregation's annual meeting, the Pride Centre's annual meeting, extra worship services, and my own holiday planning.

2. My image of Advent is a candle on a windowsill--waiting, watching, hoping, prepared, for the One who will come in the dark night. There's also a sense of safety, warmth, and coziness that I think is born of my memories of coming home on wintry Michigan afternoons, cold and possibly wet, from the walk home from the bus stop, the light from the stars we hung in our windows casting a soft golden glow of invitation, guiding me home.

3. My most poignant memories of Advent are of the year I was expecting my so…

Narrative Lectionary Prayers for November 16, 2014

Call to Worship One: Come, my friends! It is time! Many: We were glad when they said to us, it is time to worship. One: Come and celebrate our God! Many: We have received so much from God’s bounty—the material needs of life, grace, hope, and love.
One: Come, give thanks and celebrate!
Reconciliation/Assurance of Pardon One: My friends, we are only human. Many: And that is grief enough to bow a ruler’s head and honour enough to lift a beggar’s head. One: Let us go to God in prayer and contrition. Holy One, we know we have not done what we should have done; and sometimes we did what we should not have. Many: We have ignored the needy; turned away our friends; used our gifts and graces for minor things instead of bringing about your realm. One: We could not bring ourselves to do what we knew you would have us do. For all these, we ask with confidence for your grace and forgiveness, and resolve to be our better selves. Many: We know that you have forgiven us before we ask; therefore we thank you, H…

Narrative Lectionary Prayers and Communion November 9, 2014

Call to Worship One: Once again, we are here. Many: We have come looking for comfort, for refreshment, for another taste of God’s presence in our lives. One: It is good for us to be here.
Many: And it is good for us to take the good news, the comfort, the refreshment, into the world for those who need them.
Reconciliation One: It has been another week, O God, and once again we must admit to stumbling. Many: Once again, we have not done what we wished to do, or done it poorly. One: Forgive our weakness, give us strength and courage to do what we know is right. Many: For we know that nothing can separate us from your love. Amen. One: My friends, before we have asked, God has forgiven us. In the name of Christ, we are forgiven! Many: We are forgiven! Thanks be to God!
Communion One: Lift up your hearts! Many: We lift them up to our living God! One: God of all creation, you made humans in your image, giving us your divine impulse to create and do new things. But in our arrogance, we took the earth as a…