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Five Favourite Places

Doing the Friday Five a bit late...

My five favourite places, in no particular order:

1) GilChrist Retreat Center, Three Rivers, MI
I have had several retreats here, and they have been healing and grace-filled. GilChrist is arranged like an ancient Celtic monastery, with retreat cabins (more comfortable than the monk's stone cells!) set around a meadow, with a stone chapel built into the hillside. Another meadow holds a labyrinth, with the main building, Windhill, overlooking it. There's a library, a meditation loft, and a light-filled chapel in Windhill. To one side of the Lea (the larger meadow with the chapel) there is a medicine wheel, and the Path of Many Faiths--mini-gardens reflecting many faiths: Christianity, Judaism, First Nations, Islam, Buddism, etc. In the summer, they keep an organic garden, and retreatants are welcome to help themselves from the garden.
Part of the value of GilChrist for me is this arrangement--I am alone, and yet not far from others; I can atte…

Friday Five--"Spring"-ing into Something New!

It's Friday, and that means a RevGal Friday Five meme. 

"For today's Friday Five, share with us five experiences of renewal that you have recently enjoyed, or would like to launch this Easter season."


1. Healthier meals. I have two jobs, and work strange hours sometimes. It can be hard to plan ahead and too often I end up grabbing fast food on the way home or snacking instead of having a nutritious meal when i do get home, I am not sure how to change this, apart from cooking for the week on the weekend and reheating during the week. Summer doesn't feel like crockpot season, but it probably is actually a good time for it--less heat in the kitchen. That would be helpful too. 

2. In partnership with #1, more exercise. I am not joining a gym, but I am slowly convincing myself that I can park half a block from my apartment building, or at the far end of the parking lot, and so on. I already have a hellacious climb to my apartment (two long swooping flights to the th…