Friday, May 01, 2015

Friday Five--"Spring"-ing into Something New!

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It's Friday, and that means a RevGal Friday Five meme. 

"For today's Friday Five, share with us five experiences of renewal that you have recently enjoyed, or would like to launch this Easter season."


1. Healthier meals. I have two jobs, and work strange hours sometimes. It can be hard to plan ahead and too often I end up grabbing fast food on the way home or snacking instead of having a nutritious meal when i do get home, I am not sure how to change this, apart from cooking for the week on the weekend and reheating during the week. Summer doesn't feel like crockpot season, but it probably is actually a good time for it--less heat in the kitchen. That would be helpful too. 

2. In partnership with #1, more exercise. I am not joining a gym, but I am slowly convincing myself that I can park half a block from my apartment building, or at the far end of the parking lot, and so on. I already have a hellacious climb to my apartment (two long swooping flights to the third floor, and no, there is no elevator). I need to get back in my yoga habit too. 

3. Letting go of a "To Be Read" pile of books. I used to fret over the number of books in the pile, feeling I HAD to get them read (possibly a hangover from seminary). While I still have a stack of books I would lilke to read in the near future, I am no longer feeling guilty that I am reading library books in their place, or by-passing one of the ones that has been in the stack for a while for a newer one. I will read what I like and I will get them all read eventually. Sounds a bit silly, but those of you are avid readers will get it.

4. Easing back on my electronic habit--i.e., smartphone, tablet, computer. I have been getting into the habit of not taking my tablet  with me when I go to bed--"just to read a book on Kindle"--because of course I end up checking FB or playing one game of whatever, or reviewing the agenda for tomorrow's meeting, or... And suddenly it's 12:30 am.  Nope. I am using my technology against itself--I have set an alarm for 10 pm with the message "Turn off the electronics!" Working so far! 

5. I have been writing more! NaNoWriMo got me started again; I slacked off during the holidays and while I was gone for a mini-vacation in February, but I am getting back in the habit. 

All of these are feeling good. Nothing major in any of them--but little changes that will, I hope, continue this sense of spring and renewal on through the rest of the year.


Anonymous said...

On the same road with healthier eating here. Trying to reduce grains and sugar which is hard for a carb-suger-aholic. I'm excited to try the new pressure cooker...less time than a crock pot.

Totally get the reading thing.


Rainbow Pastor said...

I have heard good things about pressure cookers--will have to look into it.

Yeah, books. :)

altar ego said...

These are all good things to embrace in the spirit of refreshment and renewal. Good on ya! Yay, especially, on the writing. I'm trying to work on that discipline myself.

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