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"Chosen" Easter 6B (May 13, 2012)

RevGal's Friday Five

It has been too long since I did this, and I am looking for ways to procrastinate anyway...not deliberately, you understand, just not turning away from opportunities.

So here are the random five from yesterday (see I even procrastinated on that!)

1.  What is the first thing that comes to your mind (right now) that you want to share about yourself.
I procrastinate. No, seriously, I am finally in a good place after at least three years of sadness and a dark place. I want that to translate into more writing.

2.  What is your favorite piece of jewelry or accessory? Why?
I used to have a wonderful rainbow-y watercolor effect silk scarf that I wore at least twice a week. It went with just about anything, from white to black to grey and everything in-between. Unfortunately, when I was unpacking after my most recent move, I pulled it out of a box, not realising it was caught on a belt buckle and tore an irreparable hole in it.

3.  If you could have a starring role in a T.V. show/movie/seri…

"What is to Prevent Me? Nothing." Easter 5 B (May 6, 2012)