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Clean-up and random thoughts

Well, all (or most) of the church's worldly possessions have been moved to the basement, to an unused Sunday school room. The contractor is supposed to come in tomorrow to remove the damaged plaster and replace the dropped ceiling.

We don't have use of our phone, although we can check for messages, nor internet service. However, I had already decided to take tomorrow off and visit my mom, so that's OK.

We survived Pride, barely--it was extremely hot and humid all weekend. We had a wonderful turnout, great entertainment, a good time all around. I had a marvelous time riding in a pink (Samoan Coral, to be exact) 1964 Thunderbird convertible in the parade--rainbow feather boa and all!

So today we had a wedding in the early afternoon, which we roasted through, but I'm taking the rest of today and all of tomorrow off.

One of the calls I returned today was from a couple who want to get married--come into town, get the licence, get married, celebrate--all in one day. I'm not …

My Prayer for City Council

This is the prayer I spoke to the city council on Monday. I have to give partial credit to "For Praying Out Loud," which gave me a direction and a format for the prayer. The garden metaphor is appropriate, since Windsor's nickname is Rose City.Infinite Mystery, the people of Windsor call you by many names: God, Yahweh, Allah, Brahman, Goddess, Higher Power, Grandfather, Void, Ahura Mazda, Ground of Being…these names planted and transplanted here, the great traditions of the world now growing in our own garden, in our city of roses.We are joined as the rose is joined to the earth while it reaches upward beyond itself. We are joined together in our diversity as the flowers in a garden are joined in a symphony of colour and scent.We are joined as the DetroitRiver and the streams of Essex county join together to flow through the St. Lawrence Seaway to the ocean.So are we joined in this council chamber with the citizens in whose behalf we hold offices of trust and joined with…

Cleaning up and running to stay in one place...

Well, a group of us spent most of the day at the church. We met with the insurance adjustor (who was shocked at the state of the office) and several media folks (who did pretty well with the story). We sorted through some of the stuff, took a complete inventory (noting damaged items), and started to pull together the things needed at the park tomorrow and Sunday.

Our phones are working again.

Our desks never will.

But we have received so much support! Many many people saying how sorry they were, offering assistance... Not one nasty call saying it was what we deserved after my prayer to City Council on Monday night (either because it was inclusive, or because I dared to pray at the city council).

I had planned to spend the day polishing my sermon for Sunday and puttering around the house. Well, the sermon's done...I'd like to find a few minutes tomorrow to polish it up if I can.

Off to bed, so I can get up early and help Car Man get the Car Show set up, then to the church and get th…


I haven't been posting because I've been pretty busy (had another mercy wedding this morning), but now I have to write...

Oh, sisters and brothers, little MCC-Windsor (aka River City) has had a blow. Torrential rains tonight flooded the roof drainage system at the church where we lease space, the water leaked into (onto?) the suspended ceiling over our office, and, well, the rains came down and in and all over. The soaked ceiling tiles dripped for a while on the desk and file cabinets, then gave way over the desks, bending the metal supports that hold up the tiles, pointing directly at the spot where I usually sit...pouring water all over the desks, the furniture, our files, our intra-church mailboxes, the items we were gathering together for Pride...

We aren't a large church or a wealthy church, we lease space from another congregation; all we had was in that office and the storage closet nearby.

One of our members had stopped by, praise God, to drop something off in the of…

Friday Five Anniversary Party Procrastination!

Being always on the lookout for procrastination material, I will run the RevGalBlogPals Friday Five Meme instead of working on my sermon! Hey, it's a special day, our anniversary! And besides, I've got the rest of the afternoon, and most of the day tomorrow!

1) What is your first memory of the RevGalBlogPals?
I found a Lectionary blog I really liked ( Dylan's) and she had a link to the RevGal BlogPals. I checked out a few of them, liked what I saw, and decided to join. I hadn't been blogging very long at that point, and I thought it would be a good way to get more readers. Hahahahahahah...

2) Have you met any of the other ring members in real life?
Not so far, although I'd love to. Everytime I've met someone in RL that I've met online, it has been a lot of fun.

3) Of those you haven't met, name a few you would love to know in person.
Quotidian Grace, Rev. Songbird, Pink Shoes, Teri, Singing Owl and LutheranChik--for starters!

4) What has Ring Membership added …

One More Thing...

The young man who was shot (see here)remains in a coma. His assailant was found guilty of "assault with intent to commit great bodily harm," and "guilty of possessing a firearm in the commission of a felony." For the two combined, he could receive a maximum sentence of twelve years. With credit for time served and parole, he could be out of prison much sooner. The only witness (a friend of the shooter) earlier had claimed that the shooter said he wanted to "shoot that f**." However, the friend, faced with the shooter, would not testify to that in court.

Meanwhile, a once vibrant young man lies in a coma, guilty of no crime.

This is not justice.

Please keep this family, this city, this community, in your prayers.

One Event Done!

Well, the first event of my marathon two weeks is done, and successfully!

River City's HIV/AIDS Vigil, this year called a Celebration of Life, went very well. The musicians were terrific, the speakers eloquent and moving, and we had no hitches.

For the record, the music was "Take These Wings," sung as a solo, "We Are a Gentle Angry People," sung first before the speakers, and then after; "I Can See Clearly Now," also a solo, between the speakers, "I Light This Candle," as we (duh) lit the candles, and then "We Shall Overcome," as a close. We also had two gifted drummers, who played and sang as prelude and postlude. The prelude I'm afraid I can't remember, but the postlude was "She Calls You Home," a beautiful piece. We used glowsticks, because we weren't allowed to have people holding real candles inside.* We had planned a smudging (trying to be truly interfaith), but confirming with the person who was going to…

Monday Meme!

I'm going to be very busy all week, so don't expect much.

Although I wish I had time, there is so much to say about the Middle East and North Korea, and many other things!

However, until life calms down a bit, here's a Monday mini-meme, in honour of the new week:

1. Do you plan out your week? When? Sunday night, Monday morning, Tuesday morning (for those of you who take Monday off...)? Do you use any special planning tools?

2. What is your favourite day of the week? Why? What's your least favourite and why?

3. Are you a strict Church Calendar person (you would never put up the "He is Risen!" banner before midnight on Holy Saturday) or more flexible (All Saints can be celebrated any time around late October to early November)?

Bonus for summer: What would you do with a whole week off?

Here are my responses:
1. Do you plan out your week? When? Sunday night, Monday morning, Tuesday morning (for those of you who take Monday off...)? Do you use any special planning tools?…

Book review--"God's Politics" by Jim Wallis

“For non-violence to be credible, it must answer the questions that violence claims to answer, but in a better way.” – Jim Wallis, God’s PoliticsI mentioned this book before, I think, and now I have finished it. Before I say anything, please note that Wallis is talking about the USA. Other nations’ mileage may vary. He is right when he talks about the need for consistency on the part of neo-cons, for example, who talk about the value of life when it concerns abortion or euthanasia, but not when the death penalty is under discussion. He notes that the Roman Catholic church is more consistent on the issue of life than most evangelicals. Wallis also talks about the liberals whose beliefs and aims may be Christian, but who have allowed the neo-cons to take the religious high ground out of fear of seeming bigoted against other spiritual traditions and beliefs—diversity run amok, as he calls it. Wallis thinks that neither end of the political spectrum really thinks through, theologically, t…

Friday Five--Pet Peeves

Reverendmother of the RevGalBlogPals is suggesting this meme for Friday: Pet Peeves!

Without further ado, here are mine:
1. Grammatical pet peeve: What I call "piling on;" the use of more adjectives than is really needed, in order to create effect or pad the word count.

2. Household pet peeve: Not putting kitchen utensils away after use (such as scissors, bottle openers and cork screws); this is especially outrageous when the item is left on the counter right next to the drawer/knife block/shelf where it belongs.

3. Arts & Entertainment pet peeve (movie theaters, restaurants, concerts): Restaurant snobbery. I hate it when waiters have a condescending attitude, acting as if I'm a country rube in town for the day who doesn't know a salad fork from a tuning fork. If I want an explanation of what creme fraiche is, I'll ask--don't automatically start telling me (but in this case, I already know--which makes it worse). Also, give me food when I order it--I really h…

Of Knees and Pride

The knee continues to improve. I've been wearing a brace, taking Motrin in high doses as if it were candy, and icing it (the knee, not the Motrin). Trying to stay off it, but you all can guess how well that's going--it's not! I've had at least one meeting every day this week (none on Friday, yay, maybe I can get the sermon written!), and next week is even worse, leading up to the hellaciously busy Gay Pride Week, when I have two-three events a day, including an HIV/AIDS Vigil, three fundraisers for the church, two for community projects, offering the opening prayer at the City Council meeting, three social events that I really should attend as the co-vice-chair of the Pride Committee, a special Pride worship service, the parade (with a local MP as Grand Marshal, which is sure to generate some heat for the man, but he's been incredibly supportive of our community, and he was very pleased to be asked), and then the celebration itself!

Stay off my feet. That's the…

Monday, Monday...

We're back!

The wedding was too much fun! It was very personal and reflected the personalities of my sister and her fiance perfectly--the importance of family and friends to both of them, their lack of ostentation, their love of really good things, and their commitment to one another.

We gathered in one of the oldest churches in Cambridge, Massachusetts (and therefore one of the oldest in the US; see photo of the chancel above), up in the chancel, the couple in front of my brother-in-law and myself (we were co-officiating), with the family gathered around behind them, their children beside them (her sons were best men and his daughters were maids of honour). I welcomed everyone there, my brother-in-law (The Prof) gave a greeting and recognized the families, I led them in their vows, The Prof helped them exchange rings, my niece sang "Some Enchanted Evening" and The Prof and I jointly declared them married!

The church runs a preschool, and that's where my sister and (n…

Thursday and I'm Off!

Well, we're off to Boston and my sister's wedding, leaving the newly nude Mr. M. to the tender mercies of the boarding kennel and the cats to the spoiling of our neighbours in the yellow house.

I am looking forward to this-co-officiating at my sister's wedding, with my brother-in-law, and my first heterosexual wedding. I'll be seeing TO, my sisters, my mom, and the rest of the family, for a whole weekend.

Family, a wedding, Cambridge, a hotel, food--what's not to like?


(Sound of a jet taking off)

Work, Work, Work!

I've been thinking (yeah, I know--you can smell the smoke from where you are) recently about employment and young people and folks between stages in life and skills and learning (TO is summer-job hunting at the moment, and running out of time...). And I thought, "What if?" What if every one learned a trade. occupation, skill, whatever you want to call it, as a requirement for graduating from high school?

I'm thinking of preparation for jobs that are more than burger-flipping, but can be easily updated or refreshed. Work like pet grooming, manicurist, medical aide, medical transcriptionist, vet tech, or bank teller. Worthwhile work, that needs some skill and therefore pays better than your usual just-out-of-school job, but that doesn't require years of training or skills that need constant updating. Of course any occupation has changes over time that require skills retraining, but it seems to me that these sorts of occupations are easier to catch up on skills. I m…

Wednesday Evening Dog Blog

Mr. M. is shaved. He looks a mite odd, with an adult head on a puppy-looking body. But he is cooler.

And I can report that he is a happy nudist!

Photos to follow...

A Good Day for Me, Maybe Not for the Dog

Well, I'm feeling much better--I can even sing again!--I have the wedding service for my sister put together, and I have substitute preachers for the two Sundays this summer when I will be gone. I'm making progress on other projects (the AIDS commemoration, the church's Pride activities, a new church brochure, the grant request), and I don't have to write a sermon this week!

Life is good.

The pooch may not be so sure. DP has long lobbied to have Mr. M. shaved during the summer. He's a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, with a double coat (thick and fluffy close to the skin, tough and harsh on top--keeps them warm and dry on those rainy Welsh hills where they were bred to herd cattle and sheep and kill rats). He's twelve next month, and I've never shaved him in his life. However, he's recently taken to hauling himself up on the bed at night (hauling is the word, when his legs are only about five inches long) so as to be able to place himself directly in the stream of c…

Weddings! Or, Here Come the Brides/Grooms!

I’ve been thinking about weddings recently, specifically same-sex weddings. I’ve done a lot of them here in River City, Canada, since we’re right across the river from a large US city. For a while there, my average was two a month. Not bad for a congregation of less than fifty! And of course, my sister’s wedding next weekend, at which I will co-officiate. So…Weddings. I love doing them. But I had never even assisted at one until I arrived here in RiverCity. When I was an intern, my supervising pastor tried to get me in on a wedding, but the two or three couples she married in those two years really didn’t want an intern involved. And then when I was serving the two rural churches, I had several funerals and a baptism, but no weddings. So when I arrived here in RiverCity, I was excited to have weddings to perform—same-sex weddings, too!The weddings have been as varied as the couples I married. They have ranged from an extravaganza at the local art gallery that was featured on the front…