Friday, June 25, 2010

Catching up yet again....

The road to the Bad Place is paved with... and all that...

Things in River City continue apace. We have settled our finances a bit, but are likely to take a bit of hit again.

This is because, as happened three years ago, the roof/ceiling caved in on the church office as a result of standing water on the roof (we lease space from another congregation). This time, no one was around, and the damage wasn't discovered until the next morning. We lost a laptop (the main church computer), a tower CPU (used to store data), some files, and most of our office furniture. Our second laptop (the clerk's laptop) and the rest of our electronics survived. My vestments mostly survived, with some water stains on one of my stoles (of course it was one with a great deal of sentimental value, being the one that my home congregation gave me when I graduated from seminary).

As a result of this damage, we will have to replace furniture and the laptop, not to mention the storage drive (our data was mostly backed up off-site, with the exception of the last couple weeks of offerings, which was easily reconstructed). This will take money, and we have a sizable deductible.

On a decidedly upbeat and happy note, however, Beloved and I have become engaged! Yes, they do that in Canada... We're looking at a year from now for the wedding--to give us time to save up for it as well as settled a few other things in our lives.

I miss my blogging, and I do intend to be better about it, even if it's only to write a paragraph a day or so...better than nothing!

It looks as if I will be sermonating for much of tomorrow, so I will be dropping in on the RGBP 11th hour party.

It's good to be back!

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