Thursday, July 20, 2006

One Event Done!

Well, the first event of my marathon two weeks is done, and successfully!

River City's HIV/AIDS Vigil, this year called a Celebration of Life, went very well. The musicians were terrific, the speakers eloquent and moving, and we had no hitches.

For the record, the music was "Take These Wings," sung as a solo, "We Are a Gentle Angry People," sung first before the speakers, and then after; "I Can See Clearly Now," also a solo, between the speakers, "I Light This Candle," as we (duh) lit the candles, and then "We Shall Overcome," as a close. We also had two gifted drummers, who played and sang as prelude and postlude. The prelude I'm afraid I can't remember, but the postlude was "She Calls You Home," a beautiful piece. We used glowsticks, because we weren't allowed to have people holding real candles inside.* We had planned a smudging (trying to be truly interfaith), but confirming with the person who was going to do it fell through the cracks (two of us each thought the other was doing it).

Afterwards we had a reception, with coffee and tea and desserts (and Timbits, Canada's mascot, as a friend of mine says).

All in all, a success. Although, on the way home, I was thinking so hard about what I wanted to do differently next year that I missed my turn and had to go home the long way!

Tomorrow--the Pride flag raising at City Hall (I'm asking a blessing), and the play in the evening. The play is opening night of "Norman, Is That You?" and there is a gala afterwards. Tomorrow night's opening is also a fundraiser for the GLBT student scholarship fund at the University. The fund was established by the young man who was shot back in January and I blogged about on February 17, so it is especially close to our hearts. Then there's a fundraiser for the local HIV/AIDS clinic on Saturday. Sunday DP has an art show opening (after church). Monday I am giving the opening prayer for the City Council meeting (one of the few women and the first MCC pastor to do so). Then I take a few days off until next Friday's bowling party, Saturday's antique car show, and then a BBQ and show. Sunday starts early with a breakfast for the car show exhibitors, a blessing of the cars (oops! almost forgot--better get that written!), then the worship service, a parade, and then the festival itself, with more entertainment.

An exhausting but fun ten days...

*And we didn't want to chance the weather byplanning to have it outside. It can be extremely hot and humid in River City; conversely, it can rain like God turned on her faucet.

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