Friday, July 28, 2006

Cleaning up and running to stay in one place...

Well, a group of us spent most of the day at the church. We met with the insurance adjustor (who was shocked at the state of the office) and several media folks (who did pretty well with the story). We sorted through some of the stuff, took a complete inventory (noting damaged items), and started to pull together the things needed at the park tomorrow and Sunday.

Our phones are working again.

Our desks never will.

But we have received so much support! Many many people saying how sorry they were, offering assistance... Not one nasty call saying it was what we deserved after my prayer to City Council on Monday night (either because it was inclusive, or because I dared to pray at the city council).

I had planned to spend the day polishing my sermon for Sunday and puttering around the house. Well, the sermon's done...I'd like to find a few minutes tomorrow to polish it up if I can.

Off to bed, so I can get up early and help Car Man get the Car Show set up, then to the church and get the computer set up so we can get paperwork done (assuming I can find printer paper, hah!). Then to the picnic and celebration downtown till all hours! Up Sunday and downtown again to set up for the service, decorate the float, have the service (complete with altar call), then the parade (me in a 1964 Thunderbird convertible, thank you very much!), then another celebration til 8 pm...

And then put together the wedding for Monday afternoon...assuming the chapel is cleared.

So if I don't post for a few days, I trust you'll understand why?

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Marie said...

MYGOODNESS! I hope Pride was wonderful! Hurrah for the T-Bird! (Still reading and praying...)

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