Thursday, July 13, 2006

Of Knees and Pride

The knee continues to improve. I've been wearing a brace, taking Motrin in high doses as if it were candy, and icing it (the knee, not the Motrin). Trying to stay off it, but you all can guess how well that's going--it's not! I've had at least one meeting every day this week (none on Friday, yay, maybe I can get the sermon written!), and next week is even worse, leading up to the hellaciously busy Gay Pride Week, when I have two-three events a day, including an HIV/AIDS Vigil, three fundraisers for the church, two for community projects, offering the opening prayer at the City Council meeting, three social events that I really should attend as the co-vice-chair of the Pride Committee, a special Pride worship service, the parade (with a local MP as Grand Marshal, which is sure to generate some heat for the man, but he's been incredibly supportive of our community, and he was very pleased to be asked), and then the celebration itself!

Stay off my feet. That's the best joke I've heard in a while!

And it's not that I think things would fall apart without me--if it weren't me doing these activities, it would be someone else. I'm not irreplacable and I know that. It's just that, being in this position, I'm the one who does need to do them. I'm the person who needs to do them--as the pastor of this church, as the co-vice-chair--not because I'm Rainbow Pastor and I'm wonderful and no-one else could do as good a job. In fact, some others would probably do a better job. But it's part of my role, so here we go.

Nor should you think I don't enjoy it. I do, very much. I'm a social person for the most part (I can hear DP snickering)--I do like people, it's just that I like to choose when I'm around crowds of people, and I need down-time in between. But once I get into it, I'll enjoy the schmoozing and quips and the play and the dinners and the parties and people and the parade and the entertainment and most of all leading worship downtown (pray for good weather on July 30 at 11 am here in River City--we had a thunderstorm last year!), on the main city square.

So I'm trying to save up my energies, at the same time I write a kick-a** sermon for the Pride service (but not too long--multum in parvo, indeed), and continue to organize events and prepare for not much sleep for ten days worth of non-stop being on my feet, running from one event to another, and generally acting like a slightly mad tornado.

Yeah, my knee's feeling better. I just hope it stays that way!

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