For the Doubters Out There...

Just in case any of you doubted me a while ago, here's the S'mores Nativity Set!

Hurry, supplies are limited!

Order now and we'll add FREE fiberoptics!

Added Thursday December 21: I just now actually scrolled down to the post with the S'mores, and I had actually posted a picture already. That's what I get for laziness. On the other hand, in the current post (i.e., this one), you get a link THAT WORKED, BLOGGER, FOILED YOU THIS TIME! and a whole bunch of even odder nativity sets.

I want the timer.


RP, I think you and I should figure out how to make our very own fiberoptic haloes. We could wear them for effect during worship and a quite different effect for those sometimes disagreeable meetings.

We could then mass-produce them and sell them at General Conference in order to pay our way there. Every one who buys one gets a s'mores nativity FREE!!!!
Hey, that was ME, RDQ! WTH ...???
I wasn't feeling the least bit disgruntled either. Damn blogger!
Rainbow Pastor said…
I WAS wondering how Disgruntled Pastor had a clue about General Conference, and was going through my friends to see if any of them fit...disgruntled and going to General Conference...but the list was too long! AHAHAH!

OK, I'll go quietly to bed now...

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