Friday Five—Praying for Each Other

The RevGalBlogPals are praying for each other this week on the Friday Five.  I am unused to asking for prayers for myself, but here we go.

Prayer for you: for patience, mostly with myself. I want things to happen immediately after I have decided they should happen, which is not always the best time, of course. And patience with myself when I fall short of what I wanted to accomplish. 

Pray for someone you carry on your heart: For everyone who is in recovery, of whatever kind (domestic violence, substance abuse, sexual abuse, etc.), and those who grieve a loss (death, end of a relationship, job loss, etc.) —love and prayers and support.

Offer thanksgiving with you: for a wonderful new space and ministry partners at Emmanuel United Church! 

Ask God’s blessing in your life: for me to remember God’s constant presence with me in all things; that I may be open to Spirit’s leading.

Lift up anything else in your heart: for everyone who struggles at this time of year—with SADD, with grief, with loneliness, with the stress of having a “good” holiday season.


Praying with you. Thanks for your openness, since it's a blessing for me to share in prayer.
Mary Beth said…
Grateful for you and for your new church!!!

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