Saturday, June 14, 2014

Friday Five (a day late) -- Friday the 13th Edition

Friday's meme from RevGalBlogPals:

1.  Are you superstitious about anything?  Like, lucky socks for competition, special necklace for preaching, etc.?
Not really. Although I used to plant mums in my favourite NFL team’s colours every fall, just in case.

2.  I’m going on vacation on Tuesday.  I have never been so ready for vacation.  What are you looking forward to?
A trip back to DC to see my son before he heads off to Basic Training for the Army Reserves; Windsor PrideFest; officiating at the wedding of two dear friends.

3.  There is a lot going on in sports right now–World Cup, Basketball finals, and much more.   If your life were a sport, what would it be, and why?
If my life were a sport…hmmm. Triathalon, I think…or maybe pentathalon. My life shape has changed several times, and each change has been pretty dramatic. From Midwestern college kid to military spouse to information guru to seminary student to pastor…

4.  Hey!  Remember orange push-up ice cream treats?  What happened to them?  What is one of your favorite summer treats?  Ice cream sandwich, popsicles, frozen grapes, fruit pizza, DQ Dilly Bar, etc.?
DQ Peanut Buster Parfait. But I also love my mint iced tea, mojitos, and mint chocolate chip ice cream. So, basically, anything minty.

5.  So there is this thing called “Listserve” that picks one random person per day to write an email to like a million people world-wide.  It’s pretty cool. Some people make music suggestions, offer sage advice, or plug their latest interest/project.  If you could write a note to a million people around the world, what would you say?

“Everyone has had a different road to travel, and everyone has had hard times. You may not know the difficulties someone else has experienced, but we have all gone though some pain. So be gentle with each other; we each have a story to tell, and sharing those stories can bring us together. What you perceive as odd or wrong may be life-saving to someone else. Don’t condemn someone else’s choices and decisions—you have no idea what led them there or why it is life-giving to them. It is enough that it helped them survive. Remember that your choices and decisions may look as strange to them as theirs do to you. Accept that their path is different from yours, and unless you or someone you love is suffering actual, identifiable harm, let them be. Don’t judge—you will never know all the truth.”

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