I'm Still Alive!

Rumours to the contrary, I am well and breathing!

Saturday I usually spend my day popping in and out of the 11th Hour Preacher's Party, writing a sermon with much struggle, on and off the computer all day and then on Sunday venting my relief that it went well (or at least no tomatoes were thrown!). Monday I often blog to get my pump primed for the week. Yeah well...

It's been one of those weekends. Saturday was a membership class all morning (two new members, yay!) and then in the afternoon it was unpacking (winter) clothes and packing (summer) clothes. I did work on the sermon, but didn't have time (sorry!) for the party.

Sunday I was just tired.

Yesterday I spent with my mother and a visiting sister in Capitol City, and what with that and the drive there and back....well, blogging just didn't happen.

Tomorrow--forget it! Errands to run in the morning and meetings all afternoon, plus a church planning meeting in the evening won't leave me any time for it. Thursday is the sermon and the service for the Saturday wedding, plus planning worship for October.

I'm trying to get ahead so that when I go on my retreat next week, I won't have to worry about the sermon or worship on that first Sunday (I have a wedding the day after I get back, too).

How DO you get ahead, those of you who manage it? Someone? Anyone?


In the interest of working toward manageable measurable goals, I gave up trying to get ahead and instead choose just to be less behind ....
Actually, RP, I saw a bit about your church makeover project in the denominational newsletter --sounds pretty exciting, and I will look forward to seeing it on your church's website.

But I can see why you are wondering how to get ahead ...
When I can tell my schedule is going crazy: Get a guest speaker/preacher so I don't have to preach immediately on return. Or recycle a sermon.

But then there's the last 4 weeks ... that hasn't worked at all. In part due to assigned sermons from "on high."

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