Wandering off to Conference....

I have been very neglectful of my blog in the last couple of weeks, leaving my readers high and dry—my apologies to all five of you!

Tomorrow DP and I leave for our Regional Conference (she is the lay delegate), so I will definitely not be blogging until I return, early next week.

Nonetheless I am sure I will come back with tales to tell! I am coordinating worship assistants during the conference, and helped put together one of the worship services, so even though I’m not preaching this week, I’ll as busy as if I were!

So I’m off to worship with old friends, retreat and conference with new ones, and hopefully get some time to relax as well.

A word in advance of late Saturday night---If you have a dog, walk it proud!


Hope to see you there ... just printed off my conference materials, am making some phone calls trying to line up some Region 5 people for the prayer teams for the Friday night healing service, but thankfully, that's all I have to worry about beyond packing. Gotta do some laundry too.
I comented on your comment to my post-conference blog --there's a link I think you might enjoy. But in case you don't make it there ...

look here

and then there's this

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