Thursday, October 19, 2006

Personality DNA

Well, since I understand that to be truly KEWL, I must have my personality DNA on my blog, here it is (at least I hope it works)...

I am, as you can see, a Benevolent Creator.

Oddly enough, I am, according to these folks, extremely feminine, and barely masculine. Anyone who knows me is now howling with laughter. I have been known to wear a dress, but mostly at Halloween. The last time I wore makeup was at Easter to demonstrate a "complete change." I have never been mistaken for a "lady" and high heels make me uneasy. If I can't do something myself, I find an expert who can, but I'd rather figure it out on my own than have someone do it for me (except DP, but she's special).

'Course, they do have my spontaneity level pegged--way low. I like a schedule, darn it. I do try to be spontaneous, but, but, but can we plan it for Saturday, please?


Rainbow Pastor said...

I have no idea how I got all three of those maps to show up.

There were four.

The html isn't showing up on the Dashboard page, so I don't know how to delete them.

OK, folks, enjoy the extra show tonight!

Reverend Dona Quixote said...

Hey, at least it's colourful!

Rainbow Pastor said...

Ha ha, I love it, Rev. Dona--you spelled "colour" the Canadian/English way!!

All of North America will be conquered yet!

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