Friday, February 23, 2007

Friday Five: Companions for the Journey

The RevGalBlogPals Friday Five this week is five companions for your journey.

I’m not sure how to look at this: my life’s journey, my Lenten journey, a trip in general? Some of them would be the same anyway, so here goes:

1. A mentor and former professor of mine, Denise. She is a gifted Biblical scholar, a warm, insightful and sensitive human being. When I was once going through a difficult time in my ministry, she told me (yes, it is burned into my memory, because it has served me well many times), “On your worst day, you are better than they could ever have expected.” I have actually travelled with her, under some trying circumstances, and I must say she bore the difficulties with more grace than I did. She also plays a mean hand of Hearts, always useful on a trip.

2. My friend Dan. He too, is warm and insightful, not to mention supportive. He can see the humour in almost any situation, and get you (or me, at least) to that place as well. I have travelled with him, too, and he is a definite plus for a trip--he can always find the good restaurants!

3. My mom. She loves to travel—metaphorically and in reality—and is a great companion on the way. It doesn’t seem to matter how recently we spoke—when one of us calls, we generally talk for an hour or so—about family, the meaning of Communion in different denominations, the play she saw last week with a friend, and the issues and concerns and frustrations of life. Her pastor thanked me once—she said that my mom was one of her most appreciative parishioners, because Mom knows what pastors deal with, because of her conversations with me. We can travel together down almost any path.

4. Believe it or not, my dog. He’s not much for long walks (his legs are too short), but he’s a wonderful companion on the road of life. He likes to cuddle against my feet (keeping them warm) when I'm reading, he listens well and doesn’t ask too many questions, he doesn’t demand his own way all the time, if I don’t get home on time, he doesn’t complain, he loves to ride in the car, and if he gets two square meals a day, he’s very happy.

5. Tall One, my son. Yes, he’s hard to get up in the morning, but he’s a great conversationalist, and he sees things many of us miss. He’s also fairly adaptable and willing to try new foods (and new activities, if they are represented in a “cool” way). Not to mention that I don’t see enough of him anyway, so travelling with him in any way, shape or form is a plus.

This has been a week of sheer h*ll, so it is no mistake that all these people are supportive and nurturing!


Songbird said...

I definitely believe #4 and can't believe I didn't use it, too!

Iris said...

Your Mom sounds like a terrific person.

Sally said...

Lots of dogs going on this journey!- I mentioned elsewhere I need to look into getting a rescue greyhound.

Hope next week is better for you.

Singing Owl said...

This isn't about the Friday Five, though I am bringing a dog too...a long gone one. I'm here because I want to know how your SUNDAY went.


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