Off to see the Wizard...

Well, maybe not.

But I'm off to Large Political City to see my son get his diploma this weekend. I'll be seeing many friends, sharing stories and generally updating people on my life, as well as hearing what's happening in theirs.

I'll get to worship at Large Political City's wonderful MCC...with many more friends. It's where I trained, so they knew me when....

I'll get to stay with Bestest Friend, who feeds me excellently, both food and spirit, and her husband, who is simply always there. I'll have dinner with them and Book Man--he and Brit Boy are two of the few people who can make me feel out of breath, intellectually, in a conversation. I'd love to get the two of them together sometime and watch the results!

Most of all, I'll get to spend time with TO, who is indeed very tall these days...about to leave home and go find a way to make his own home in the world. In a way, it feels like his first day of school--I want to tell him what to do, what to watch out for, who to talk to, and where to sit in the classroom. But I can't do that now anymore than I could then, 12 years ago.

So travelling mercies on me my friends, and may I not be fed TOO much good food....

See you next week!


Sooooo ... how was it? Did he do you proud? Do you have pictures?

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