Saturday, September 29, 2007

Self Care in the Form of Ink

Will Smama, over at Preacher, blogger or procrastinator, is brilliant. She's getting some skin art next week and her posts about the journey toward that event are labelled "self care."

I like it.

I've been toying with the idea of a tattoo for a long time. More seriously since I've been single. I went so far as to actually consult with an artist a couple months ago. The good news? He knew exactly what I wanted--the triquetra symbol--and felt able to design one in rainbow colours. He was enthusiastic about it, in fact. The bad news? The location I had in mind (over my heart--well not literally, but on my chest; a root chakra), it turns out, would be painful, as there is not much padding there. Apparently, the bonier the location, the more pain. I never thought I would 1) hear that I don't have enough padding somewhere, and 2) have a complete stranger prodding that area of my anatomy in a public place.

We discussed some alternatives--other locations--but since it is a symbol of the Trinity, it doesn't seem right to put it where I have the most padding (ahem). But not on my shoulder, either, really, as I would like to see it myself. I'd also like it to be somewhere I can cover it if needed--hopefully a rare event, but still. So my wrist is out. The ankle doesn't feel right, either, or my calf or shoulder blade (suggestions from friends). Perhaps the shoulder blade. But I wouldn't see it. Maybe my shoulder.

So. This is my choice: perfect location/more pain or not-so-great location/less pain.

Part of me says, "Suck it up, be strong. Show you can be tough. Other people do it, you can do it too. Do you want Man About Town [my main supporter and encouragment in this endeavour] to think you're wimping out? (etc.)" Part of me shrieks and wants to hide.

Currently I'm leaning toward the perfect location.



Identity Mixed said...

My husband has a triqueta on his left ankle.

Wyldth1ng said...

Put it where you want it. Only you will be happy with it. Pain is temporary.

Kathryn said...

Ouch...I don't know. I've havering and hesitating about getting one since ordination...I originally wanted one on the sole of my foot because it was something about being grounded in God and in obedience to God's call...but the thought of a middle aged, overweight revgal hobbling everywhere for weeks, and being the subject of all sorts of well meaning enquiries was more than I could bear. So, at the moment I think it might be the ankle...if I ever get it at all.
I'm kind of wondering whether it could happen if the revgals conference happens, - with some female solidarity to urge me on.
Always assuming I can raise the air fare.

Reverend Dona Quixote said...


Speaking as a tattoo'ed person ... get it where you want it, regardless of the pain, which is no worse than a sunburn in my opinion.

I'd be willing to come hold one hand, even if you sink your nails in.

I may be confused, but I am remembering that you have a bit more padding than perhaps the artist is giving you credit for ...

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