Monday, March 10, 2008

Catching Up...

Oh my more than a month!!

I can’t believe it’s been so long. Well.

I’ve been involved with a presentation at a conference, then went to Large Western Coastal City to another conference and also to visit friends, and then back to catch up. Also, with a second job I have to be a lot better at time management. It’s a challenge.

Projects I am currently working on: worship planning for the next couple of months, working with Brit Boy on the church’s website redesign, rewriting the membership class materials, and working on SOPs for a community organisation. That’s in addition to the usual sermon writing, worship and bulletin preparation (for two churches), Powerpoint presentation, etc.

Events for me personally: On the positive side: visiting my friends was wonderful. It offered a much-needed break with people who love me and support me unconditionally and who spoil me shamefully. They fed me bountifully, listened, entertained, and loved me. On the negative side: I’ve told Roomie to be out by this Saturday. And that’s a long story…suffice it to say that I was being taken advantage of—rent not paid, lack of responsibility re: house cleaning, no respect for boundaries… So she’s going to be gone, with the help of Landlord if needed.

So I will endeavour to do better at this—even if it’s a short note. I promise!

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