Friday, April 18, 2008

Friday Five--24 Hours!

(JRR Tolkien's Lord of the Rings; as portrayed by Hugo Weaving in Peter Jackson's film)

This week’s Friday Five, from RevHRod (who comes up with some of Friday. Fives.)

  1. If you could dramatically change your physical appearance for 24 hours, what would you do?

I’ve always had this double chin thing going on. Even at my thinnest, back at university, I had a really thick neck. Profile shots are horrible, and some face-ons aren’t much better… So, yeah. I’d like to have a real neck and chin. Just to see what it’s like.

  1. If you could live in another place for 24 hours where would you go?

This one is difficult. In only 24 hours, you really can’t see or do much. I think I would probably want to go either someplace totally hedonistic, like a cabin in the woods with Strong Heart, or totally altruistic, such as the mission project Strong Heart worked on a couple of years ago in the Dominican Republic. In some ways, just getting away would be a blessing. At the same time, I think I need to experience the realities of life for other people—knowing, of course, that in 24 hours and in that situation, I would still be privileged.

  1. You get to do somebody else's job for a day...

I almost said US President, but you know, any changes I made would vanish the next day as soon as Dubya got back. Still it might be nice to have 24 hours when the war stopped, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell went away, a trans-inclusive ENDA was mandated by executive order, and all women’s restrooms were required to have enough stalls.

On the other hand, I’ve often thought about running a combination used-book-store and café (with perhaps a gifty/music shop on the side). I wouldn’t mid trying that for a day.

  1. Spend the day with another person from anywhere in time and space...

Well this one’s easy. Strong Heart.

Not that there aren’t other people I’d like to meet and talk with—Joan of Arc, Alexander the Great, Abraham Lincoln, Walt Whitman, k.d. lang, King David (yes, THAT King David), Mahatma Gandhi, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Gandalf, and Elrond, for starters.

  1. A magical power is yours. Which one would you pick?

Healing body, mind and spirit. There’s so much pain—I would be so blessed to be able to heal some of it. I was once told by someone who “reads” hands that I am a healer of healers—a meta-healer if you will—and certainly my heart inclines to those in need of healing.

Which partially explains Elrond (keeper of wisdom and healing in JRR Tolkien's Lord of the Ring).


Muthah+ said...

'bow, I have talked with Desmond Tutu. He is a wonderfully genuine person, incredibly funny and tiny! He is such a small man you wonder how he could have that much influence. But as soon as he engages you, he captures you. You walk away absolutely joyful.

Certified Healing Coach said...

Wow, a healer of healers!!

That's what I would like to do--help healers heal so they are able to create thriving practices and heal even more people.

I have worked with some other healers but would like to work with more.

BTW, if someone told you that, you already have that power. You don't have to wish for it as a magical power and you don't have to relinquish it after 24 hours.

You ready to start using it? :)

Sue said...

Great play RP!

A healer of healers - how wonderful!

Singing Owl said...

What Sue said!

And I lol at ensuring there were enough stalls in the women's restrooms.

RevAnne said...

What singing owl said...stalls for all! Great one.
Heal on. There's so much need...

RevHRod said...

I loved your list of folks to meet. I too wonder if the Pope wouldn't just undo my 24 hours of work while he was being me... but hey! it's worth a shot.

Wyldth1ng said...


jadedjabber said...

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