Psalm 130, John Rutter

An amazing setting for the Psalm this Sunday--one of my favourites. This is by John Rutter. And my thanks to my former choir director, Joche, for turning me on to Rutter!


Pastor Jeri said…
Rainbow Pastor -- as a lurker, I hesitated to write, but I thought you should know -- the Psalm for Sunday is Psalm 30, not 130. I wanted it to be true -- I've sung the Rutter Requiem and have the recording -- but, alas! It will have to wait until next time!
Pastor Jeri said…
Now -- having said that -- please let me apologize. I didn't realize there were two Psalm possibilities for this Sunday. Mea Culpa! Since Psalm 30 is printed on my bulletin, that will be what I choose, but I may use Psalm 130 from the Rutter Requiem anyway... Hmmm...

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