Saturday, September 26, 2009

On the Journey XV....and probably last.

Medical followups and such..

I had my first post-treatment mammogram on Monday, then a follow-up appointment with my medical oncologist on Thursday.

The mammogram was clear, praise be to God.

The cehmotherapy did put me into early menopause. I could do without the mood swings and hot flashes, but I wouldn't want to have done without the chemotherapy, so I'll take it!

I'll be going back every three months for a while, just for follow-up and making sure all continues well.

In physical terms, I am getting back to normal. My hair isn't back to the length I would like, but that's just a matter of time. I have heard several times that it looks good at this length. That ma be true, but it's not where I want it, it's not the image I have of myself, so yes, I'm going to keep growing it. I have a photo of myself taken back in the summer of last year, and that's my benchmark--y hair then was a good length, a good colour. That's my goal for my hair, my appearance, my own self-image.

It's not about vanity--it's not that I want to look good, simply for the sake of looking attractive. It's about looking like me. To me, I do not look like myself right now.

So there's the medical update--the 15th and, I think, last. Even though I will be going back in for periodic follow-ups, I think most of this is behind me now, and I'm ready to move on from the regular updaes here. Any new developments will be posted, of course, but for now, this journey is over.

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