OK, OK, So It's Been Two Weeks...

I definitely need to get this back in my routine again...

I'm finding it both interesting and difficult to preach off-lectionary. The topics are vital and absorbing--God, the Bible, salvation, faith, worship and so on--and while it is a challenge to preach away from the lectionary and all the supports for that available--the commentary, conversation with friends who are preaching on the same texts I am, the online resources--it is a good stretch foe me, and, as they say, "a learning experience."

I'm to have an article published in a scholarly journal! Peer-reviewed and everything! I sent off my final draft this week--let's see what the editor does to it now...

Living Spring and I had a wonderful conversation earlier this week. She gave me a resource, and a couple of solid suggestions that felt so right I knew I had had them in mind before she spoke them but did not have the words--she gave me the words. We have agreed to talk on a regular basis--apparently she found something she needed in our conversation as well.

And tonight I will be indulging myself in something I haven't been able to do in a while--I am going, with Man About Town and Artist Doctor, to hear my friend Musician play. It has been far too long since I have heard him create his music, and a true treat.

And I have been working on a post about the difficult-to-blog-about event at conference. It is the next post.


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