Saturday, May 11, 2013


OK, so apparently my “incognito” is not so much… 

I have been considering taking off the mask anyway—it was getting tiring creating pseudonyms for pretty much everyone in my life, and I also want more feedback, which means opening the blog up to my social networks—and it seems the mask has pretty much slipped off anyway.  ‘Tis true that I am on FB with many of my fellow RGBP’ers, so they know who I am, as do assorted family and friends and colleagues. 

So, for the one or two of you who aren’t aware—I'm Martha and I am an MCC pastor in Windsor ON.  

This blog is my personal blog, not the church’s blog. So while I will be posting sermons and prayers here, since I plan for this to be an outlet for my writing, I don’t plan on writing regular “devotionals” and such. It’s a platform for me to express what I am thinking beyond the sermon every week, or my FB postings. I might talk about current events or ancient history, cooking, queer history, my cat, art, kd lang, travel, who knows. 

I will NOT be blogging about: my friends, the inner workings of the community organisations to which I belong, my family (maybe very generally, but nothing revealing, I promise), or the inner workings of the congregation I serve, nor will I include any personal names (without the person’s permission). 

Honestly, I don’t think this will be a huge change. You will just know who and where I am.

So, hiya!

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8thday said...

I've been reading along for quite awhile. Very nice to finally "meet" you.

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