Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday Five—Discovery!

RevGals meme this week:
Only afterwards, do we realize that we have "found" something that we like--like a new way to look at something; a new (to me) author; a new song or hymn; a new food. Today share with us something that you like that seemed surprisingly "new" to you sometime in the near past. It could even be a RE-discovery.
Here is a list, but you can choose your own five items you would like to share! Please join us today in playing FF.
1. author
2. shampoo
3. food
4. activity
5. music
So here goes! Mine are a bit different than the suggested list.

1. Activity: When I was around 10 or 12, I became interested in yoga—I am not sure why, but I was interested enough to attend a couple of classes at the university in my hometown, and to receive a book on the topic for Christmas. Over time, I found other activities—volleyball, canoeing, gardening, hiking, Jazzercise—and put it aside. But more recently I have come back to it, first through some classes a year or so ago, and now with a DVD at home. It’s not only stress relief; it helps keep me limber—important for those of us with arthritis… Most recently I have had to lay it aside as I deal with some back issues (I know, if I had been more consistent with the yoga, I might not have the back issues right now…). I am looking forward to getting back into it!

2. Music:  A friend introduced me to Dead Can Dance. I was very sceptical at first, but they grew on me and are one of my favourite alternative groups now. 

3. Author: Another friend recommended Linda Fairstein’s Alex Cooper series of mystery/crime novels. Set in New York City, the central character is a prosecuting attorney specializing in sexual crimes and crimes against children. Each of the books in the series focuses on a different historical site in NYC—Poe’s home, the Central Library, the Met, Central Park, MoMA, Grand Central Station, etc.  I like them partly because of the historical focus, but also because while Alex is experienced and very good at what she does (and independently wealthy, too, so she can do things most prosecutors can’t, like escape to her house on Cape Cod), she can be scared, intimidated, angry, etc. I like that she’s not perfect. I did a binge read a few weeks ago, trying to catch up, and now I wish I had a few more to read!

4. Gift/Talent: I am being intentional about writing—something, anything--every day. It might be poetry, or a blog post (hello!), or the sermon, or some liturgy (almost a necessity now that we are using the Narrative Lectionary), or something else (more on that at another time)—but something. Until recently, my talent with words, or at least, my enjoyment of writing, was mostly put into my sermons. But there are things I want to say that don’t always fit into a sermon. Thus, other forms of literature!

5. Food: Anticipating a bit here, but planning to get back into soups for meals. It’s partly the time of year and partly the rediscovery of how good and filling soup can be—and how easy it is to make! Crockpot, here I come! And with the winter they are predicting for us here in Central Canada (not as much snow as last year, but just as cold!), I think I will appreciate soup even more!

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