Summertime, and the Livin' was Easy...

And it was! I continued with Trivia, took on some new responsibilities at work, slept in from time to time (!!), and was grateful for A/C! 
But summer is unofficially over, and it's time to ease back into the routine(s) of fall and winter. 
I have some thoughts the political scene as well as a few observations on the spiritual (not to mention a couple on where the two meet). I'm continuing for the second year with the Narrative Lectionary, and looking forward to that. There are more resources for it as more of us use it, which is helpful--but I also enjoy writing my own! 
I also want to get back in the habit of posting my sermons (messages, musings, reflections, homilies). I did a series of interactive ones, which is, I think, when I got out of the habit. 
Bring it on, Autumn! 


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