Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Wednesday Update

The clean-up meeting went pretty well last night. It was a sobering and difficult experience, but it had to be done.

So now I'm off to speak at the midday service--and the focus of the scripture is rainbows...!! I'm going to enjoy this. If I had created the bulletin, I would have used the image I use for my profile--the swirling rainbow with a cross.

My message is that the rainbow, with all its colours, is a symbol of God's all-embracing and unconditional love, as is the cross. As we begin Lent, the cross seems far away; the rainbow is present as a reminder of whose we are and the love God has for us. The rainbow and the cross--both symbols of God's unconditional love for us.


LutheranChik said...

Yesterday I got a catalog from A Greater Gift/SERRV (the URL is escaping me now)-- great Fair Trade goods catalog -- and in it was a beautiful translucent rainbow shawl made in Mexico. There was a little blurb on the page about what the rainbow means to the indigneous craftspeople who weave these shawls. I thought of you, and I also thought, "There ought to be some kind of liturgical use for that." LOL

Rainbow Pastor said...

I have a prayer shawl that friends made for me during my divorce/coming out. THey used a varigated iridescent yarn, and in the process of knitting, it became a rainbow, without intention on their part. So I have a rainbow prayer shawl! I have to keep it at the church office, however, because the cats think it is appropriate for wrestling with and snagging on their claws...

There's nothing like a rainbow!

Oh, and I used my rainbow stole yesterday for the Anglicans, too--and they loved it!

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