Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Further Adventures in Hair...

Well, yes, I do have a service tonight, and I'm preaching next Wednesday at River City's tall-steeple church's midweek Lenten service, and then there's a couple of upcoming weddings (yay!)... But here's a few lighter thoughts.

I went back to The Stylist (see January 17th for THAT story). I planned on simply a cut, to trim the shaggy-ness. He started snipping and trimming, got my mop into some kind of shape, took out the blow dryer, and then suddenly stopped. "No," he said. "You need colour."

Now, if you'll remember, he had mentioned that last time. I've been more sort of a Clairol and Nice 'n' Easy gal (though there was a time when I had professional highlights and colour on a regular basis). But The Stylist is, as I said, high fashion, and I wasn't too sure what he might have in mind. Well, he whipped out his colour book, and had his assistant mix two colours together, and hustled me off to another chair while he finished the client who was waiting patiently, and then I had my hair coloured.

And, I have to say, I like it! It's red (of course), but not orange, not scarlet, but definitely red, of a shade that looks redder indoors than outdoors. Not violent, but there, noticeable.

And DP likes it. She likes the cut, too--not too short this time, she says.

I can breathe easy.

Now that my hair is in order, perhaps I can take care of the Lenten services. I've just heard that the choir of our host church knows nothing of our planned Ash Wednesday service (they're not having one, obviously), to be held in the sanctuary--where they practice on Wednesday evenings...

I'm plunging back into the whirlwind, but at least my hair looks good!

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