Friday, January 05, 2007

Birthday Party!

RevGalBlogPals Friday Meme this week is birthdays. As it happens, TO’s 18th birthday is Sunday…a bittersweet day for his mom, to be sure. And so, in honour of his birthday, I offer this Friday Five!

1. "It's my party and I'll [blank] if I want to..." Favourite way to celebrate your birthday (dinner with family? party with friends? a day in solitude?)
My ideal is sort of s mix. Sleep late (but not too late), brought a mug of coffee in bed (maybe with a splash of Bailey’s or Amaretto?), big breakfast, stretch out on a chaise in the backyard and read most of the day, with a trip to a plant nursery in the afternoon to spend the large gift certificate I received, and the day would be completed with dinner with my nearest and dearest and a long night of….mahjongg, that’s right, mahjongg! Or else a party.

2. "You say it's your birthday... it's my birthday too, yeah..." Do you share your birthday with someone famous? (Click here to find out!)

Oh, yeah—and some good ones! Betty Ford, Julian Lennon, Mary Pickford, Sonja Henie and Kofi Annan!

3. "Lordy Lordy look who's forty..."
Milestone birthdays:
a) just like any other birthday--they're just numbers, people.
b) a good opportunity to look back/take stock
c) enjoy the black balloons--I'll be hiding under a pile of coats until the day is over
d) some combination of the above, or something else entirely.
I’ll take B, Alex…. And it’s also a great chance for a big ol’ party.

4. "Happy birthday, dear... Customer..." Have you ever been sung to in a restaurant? Fun or cringe-worthy?
No, because I have threatened everyone I know with mayhem and death if they so much as breathe a word to any waitstaff anywhere at any time when my birthday is…

5. "Take my birthday--please" Tell me one advantage and one disadvantage about your particular birthday (e.g. birthday in the summer--never had to go to school; birthday near Christmas--the dreaded joint presents). EDITED TO ADD: This could also simply be something you like/dislike about your birthday (e.g. I like sharing a birthday with my best friend, etc.).

I like it because I love spring, and so I get to celebrate it with tulips and daffodils and lilies and green grass, and maybe even outside. Also lots of chocolate!

I dislike it because it often falls during spring break, or even, as this year, on Easter itself. The busiest day of my year and I can’t take it off. Did I mention I’m doing a wedding on Holy Saturday this year? Why didn’t someone stop me?!


reverendmother said...

Bummer on the wedding. I did one on my anniversary last year. Why, why?? (We were celebrating at another time, but still)

Iris said...

You have a great day planned for your birthday! May I join you?

Sue said...

We had a request for a Holy Saturday wedding last year. The Board really struggled with it, but ultimately said no. The couple was not connected to the church at all, so that helped the decision somewhat.

The problem was that we have a vigil in our sanctuary from Good Friday to Easter morning, and the church is draped in black.

The couple was fine with the decision.

My son's birthday always falls around Easter time also...nice that it's spring, but still...

Reverend Dona Quixote said...

Hey RP!

You're my fellow Aries ... My B-day is 25 March. It's rare that Easter falls that early ... but it is not uncommon for my b-day to be during holy week. In 2005, it was Good Friday.

Do note that in 2008, Easter falls on March 23 --so all those poor later Pisces folks get to enjoy a holy week b-day. 'bout time too!

Rainbow Pastor said...

Hey, RDQ,no wonder we hit it off so well! DP is an Aries, too, on the cusp with Taurus. Now THERE'S a combination...

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