Inching Through the Week...

Still hurting Wednesday, so went to the walk-in clinic (I had called my doctor and the receptionist chirped, "The doctor can see you Monday!"). The clinic doctor pointed out that even if my tailbone is cracked/broken, it can't exactly be put in a cast. She recommended soft pillows to sit on and lots of Motrin.

She offered no advice about how to bend over (to pick up the cat food bowls, or to do the laundry, or to get a book off the bottom shelf), to get upstairs (or down), in and out of a car, or any of the other things I used to take for granted and will not now. She was, however, very sympathetic--I have a feeling I'm not the only person she's seen with this complaint this week, after the ice we had over the weekend.

And exciting news--the church is on the front page of the local GLBT paper! We're celebrating our 19th anniversary this weekend, and the reporter who was invited to cover the dinner was intrigued by the idea that lots of US couples cross the border to be married in Canada, and come to us. One of the couples I married recently was interviewed, and an opinion piece I wrote in response to one of his interview questions was printed separately, as a "Viewpoint" column. Used a terrible photo of me, although we sent him a better one... But it's very exciting, because the paper wants to extend its coverage in River City, so we get to ride on those coattails.

And DP is coming home tonight...


You go, RP --even if it's only an inch at a time!

I cracked my tailbone just before my junior year in high school --which meant that for about six months, I would stand as much as possible during my classes. I refused to sit on one of those donut cushions, which was all that pretty well could be done, since as you point out you can't put a person's a** in a sling. Although some of our PLAY folk could probably arrange that if you thought it would help. ;)

That was also the year I gave myself walking pneumonia when I was siphoning gasoline and inhaled maybe a drop. It was during the gasoline crisis of the late seventies, and we had to take some gas out of the car with the even plates [the one I had wrecked] and put it in the car with the odd plates ...

Come to think of it, the summer of 1979 had the potential to be really deadly for me. Had my wisdom teeth removed and developed a pretty nasty infection, swallowed gasoline, cracked my tailbone stepping backward off three stacked milk crates, rear-ended a Pinto in my mother's VW Beetle ... God Must Have A Plan For Me.

Hope laughter isn't painful for you!

And very glad DP is returning home --I know you have missed her.
Sue said…
Ditto that - I'm glad DP is coming home. So sorry to hear about your injury. I hope the pain eases up soon.

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