Friday, May 18, 2007

Friday Five Big Event

The RevGals are planning a party! So Songbird has given us this Friday Five:

The Big Event Friday Five.

1. What would the meeting be like? (Continuing Ed? Retreat? Outside Speakers? Interest Groups? Workshops? Hot Stone Massages? Pedicures? Glorified Slumber Party?)


Truly a little of each would be wonderful. I understand this would be difficult to do in a weekend, but I’d love to try! Maybe an “Ask the Matriarch” session, a workshop on Preaching Parties—er, preaching—and lots of time to meet in groups and discuss things like writing for worship, or balancing family and call, or support systems, or how to find a good manicurist in a new town… And some time in the hot tub with margaritas or other beverage of choice (per the stay-at-homes preacher party last year during the Festival of Homies).

2. When in 2008 might you be able to attend? January? Shortly after Easter? Summer? Fall? Some other time?
Soon after Easter, August, October are the best times for me, given other commitments.

3. Where would your dream meeting location be? (Urban Hotel? Rural Retreat Center? New England Camp? Southwestern Fantasy Hotel? Far away from civilization? Nearby Outlets or Really Great Thrift Stores?)
Probably either a rural retreat centre or in a small town…mostly due to cost factors. On the other hand, sharing rooms might be fun too.

4. Who would make a great keynote speaker? (That's if #1 leads us in that direction.)

Barbara Brown Taylor leaps to mind. So does Brian Wren…hymn writer extraordinaire. I’ve taken a summer course from him and he has insights into pastoring that go beyond creating worship.

5. Did I leave out something you want to suggest?

Creative time—whether it’s music of some sort—what we create ourselves or a concert we attend—or a knitting/crochet/tatting/needlepoint/whatever circle, or something else.


Songbird said...

Oh, I love #5! There is a poet among us, so perhaps a poetry circle, too!

Sally said...

Yay for margarittas and hot tubs- and songbird I'm up formthe poetry circle!

Susie said...

Hey, just stopping in from Preacher Party to say hi, and say I thought about you this morning :)

And a knitting circle would be AWESOME, especially if someone would actually teach me how...

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