Friday, October 05, 2007

Thank You For the Friday Five!

RevGalBlogPals is recognizing Harvest with a Thankfulness Friday Five. So here are six things I am grateful for.(I never was good at math).

My mother.
She’s unfailingly supportive, even when she doesn’t quite understand why or doesn't think it’s a good idea. She’s never said, “I told so.” She’s raised me and my sisters to be independent women who never thought we couldn’t do anything we wanted to do. She lived through some difficult times, both in her own life and family and in the world at large, and has come out of it a strong, positive, happy and healthy woman who smashes all the stereotypes of older women.

My son
. TO is my favourite person in the whole world. We haven’t spent as much time together in the last few years as either of us would like, but we love each other and keep in touch in a variety of ways (a subsidiary thanks here for cell phones and Facebook). He has grown into a intelligent, caring, aware young man, and I am very proud of him.

My friends here
. I’ve lived in River City just about three years—but many of the friendships I have made are so deep I feel I have known the individual far longer. This was reflected in the care I received just this past weekend from a group of those friends—loving, protective, care I didn’t expect and appreciated so much! They are wonderful people and they are a blessing in my life—the Professor, RDQ, the Stylist, Fellow Pastor, Monsieur, Man About Town, PR Dude, Radio Man, and all the rest.

My online friends. Most of them I haven’t met in person and probably won’t, although I have learned to never say never. And yet, through the medium of teh Internets, we have formed deep and lasting friendships. Brit Boy, Music Man, Shytown Girl, and many members of RGBP—in crazy times and happy times you’ve listened and responded and given, far beyond what I could ever have expected.

My health.
When I was young, I went through a major illness and several injuries. Since then, however, I have been remarkably healthy. I just had a check-up and the results were stellar. Yes, I have a bit of avoirdupois to say farewell to, but otherwise—heart, innards, cholesterol, etc.—all are good. My doctor loves me. Now if we can get this menopause thing sorted…

And I have to add one more—books! All my life, books have been at the centre of my life. I read when I’m hurting, when I need distraction, when I want to know something, when an instructor told me to, when I was bored, when I was traveling… Books have been companions when I felt like I was all alone, and have given me words to speak when I was happy. I cannot imagine a house of mine that is not overflowing with books.


Jan said...

I resonated with all your answers. Thank you for posting. It was nice to visit your blog, and I am grateful for you.

Mother Laura said...

Oh, yeah, books....When my Grandma Pat had to wait for her eyes to get worse before she could have cataract surgery she said "If you can't read you might as well be dead." Sums it up for me.

I am in awe of the tattoo and in more awe that you can wait all that possibly nervous time--but I finally read Wills Mama on hers and it is inspiring. Hope it gives you as much joy and grace.

mompriest said...

Family, friends, health and books - a lot to be thankful for indeed!

Songbird said...

You are brave to consider a tattoo! (I am a wimp, that is.) I share the thankfulness for books. Just wish I had more time!

Counselor in Process said...

Good play. I have to add books to mind. How could I live without them.

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