On the Journey X...

The last couple of chemo treatments have really hit me hard. Fatigue is becoming a way of life.

However, today I was able to feel a bit more hopeful. I had my radiation consult, and have learned that I will need 45 doses of radiation...that's five days a week for seven weeks. On the one hand, it seems interminable--it's longer than Lent, after all!--but on the other, the side effects and logisitics are so much more do-able, to me, than the chemo, that I will be glad to deal with them! Get up and be at the clinic every morning at 7 am? Sure! Use special lotion? No problem!

The side effects are skin irritation and fatigue, with a slight possibility of arm swelling (lymphedema). Those are, to me, something I can handle. I know the fatigue may get to me, and, given the schedule, probably right around the time I most need energy--Palm Sunday and Holy Week. But I can start working on things now--work ahead for once in my life--and hopefully stave off some of that. And of course I have my wonderful deacon and Strong Heart and others to help as well.

I've started a new chemo drug--Taxotere--and it's a bit rough. Mostly fatigue, again, although there are other issues I will spare you. Suffice to say that meals are bland, soft and thin these days.

I do have other thoughts and other things going on in my brain...and I will write a separate post for those--after all, there's an important inaugeration coming up in the States!

I'll keep you posted!


Songbird said…
RP, thank you for the update, I wondered how things were going. May you find the strength you need to move through these treatments toward healing!
Glad you're back and you're treatments and moving to an easier phase.
Sue said…
Continuing to pray here...

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