Thursday, January 29, 2009

On the journey XI

I have ben very remiss in my postings--I do alogize!

I had chemo #5 of the 6 doses yesterday. This is the one that makes me very fatigues--Taxotere. Other side effects are dehydration, lowered blood cell counts, bone pain, difficulty eating (loss of appetite, odd tastes, dry mouth, etc.)and hair loss (well, I had the last with the other meidcations as well). My mom is here this time and helping out with those things that need to be/should be done around the house but that are difficult for me to do--vacuuming, dusting, etc. She's also a hugs help in cooking when I just don't have the energy to get up off the couch. She brought a ton of food with her--a pan of mac and cheese from my sister (best ever!), a chicken casserole, brownies, stollen, plum pudding, cinnamon rolls and banana bread, not to mention a bag of Hershey's minatures (yes, we're taken care of in the carb department!).

I feel very lazy, to be honest, sitting here on the couch with my laptop while Mom is cleaning house for me, but to honest, I would be able to do more than vacuum one or two rooms before i was worn out. So I'm going to swallow that guilt and just let her be Mom!

There's other news... The final report from the grant has come in and we'll be presenting to the leaders in the community next week. Very interesting results--we do seem to be on the right track with our focus on LGBY youth and seniors, but maybe we could go about it differently. And we were able to pinpoint some issues with fundraising as well.

Finances at the church (speaking of finances) are not much better. It's a matter of fewer folks in church (for a variety of reasons) and everyone having less disposable income. Not good, not fun, but when members are worried about paying thir utility bills (and they are higher than usual, with the cold snowy winter we've had so far) and not sure how long they will be employed (if they are still employed), well, it's diffcult for them to put that usual $5 or 410 or $20 in the offering plate. I sympathise but I also know that on my limited income I'm also able to make some kind of donation every month... But I try not to be judgemental, knowing everyone's situation is different.

Well, starting to fade again...must be time for a nap.

I'll keep you posted!


Songbird said...

Glad you have your mom with you!

Sue said...

Sending prayers and blessings your way RP. I'm so glad your Mom is there. Let her care for you, pamper you with comfort food and whatever else you need.

Wishing you peace...

Cecilia said...

I've just read that your chemo is over at RevGalBlogPals. I'm so glad. Peace and healing and a sense of being well-rested-- I'm praying all these things for you.

Pax, C.

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