Thursday, October 02, 2014

Lectionary Liturgy October 5, 2014

Call to Worship
One: Holy One, you have written your law of love on our hearts.
Many: We give thanks for your guidance and wisdom.
One: This is a celebration of our God’s love for us!
Many: How can we respond to God’s love except with joy and celebration? Amen!

One: Eternal One, here we are again. We have again failed to live up to our best selves.
Many: We have not loved, we have not shared, we have not cared as we intended.
One:  Give us wisdom and courage to try again

Many: Knowing that your grace forgives us, we will rise and try again, with your love to guide us. Amen.

One: God is with you!
Many: And also with you!
One: Lift your hearts to the One who loves you.
Many: We lift our spirits in joy to our Creator.
One: Ever-Living God, you gave humankind free choice and laws to guide us in the use of that free choice. When we forgot your love and turned away, you sent prophets and wise men and women to remind us, but we persisted in following our own way. In your love, you showed us a new way through your child Jesus the Christ and his example of loving, healing, and sharing; but still we turned our own way. Be present to us in these gifts of grain and grape; remind us of your love for us, your presence with us, and your gentle guidance. May this meal bind us closer together with you and with each other to share ourselves as we share this bread and wine.
One: On the night in which he gave himself up to those who did not understand his message of mutual sharing and love, Jesus gathered his friends together in a small room. There, he took the bread and blessed it after the manner of his people and shared it with his friends, saying
Many: This is my body, opened for you. Take and eat in memory of me.
One: After the meal, he took the cup, and blessing it after the manner of his people, shared it with his friends, saying
Many: This is my love, poured out for you and for all nations. Take and drink in memory of me.
One: Holy One, pour out your blessing on these gifts of bread and wine. May they be for us just what we need them to be; may they open our hearts to your presence and your guiding, today and always. Amen.

One: Bless our seeking
Many: That we may find
One: Bless our study
Many: That we may learn
One: Bless our journey
Many: That we may come home to you. Amen.

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