Friday, June 09, 2006

Friday Five--Rain

Courtesy of the RevGalBlogPals, here we have a Friday five:

1. Favourite way to spend a rainy day
Curled up with several cups of tea and a good escapist book, or napping, or cleaning house. Really! If the house is clean, then I know I've gotten something done in spite of wanting to curl up with a good book or go to sleep.

2. Favourite song about rain
OK, no laughing now..."April Shower,"” from Bambi. "Drip drip drop little April shower, I'm getting wet and I don'’t mind at all."” I also like "“Rainy Days and Mondays," and "Who'll Stop the Rain" (I'm not sure that's the title).

3. Favourite movie featuring rain

Now that's a tough one. So many movies have rain in them! I've got lots of images of rain from movies, but darn if I can remember what movie they'’re from. The hail scene in The Ten Commandments is pretty impressive. I'll get back to you on this!

4. Favourite piece of raingear, past or present
I had a wonderful umbrella, very sturdy, that was black on the outside, but underneath was a reproduction of the Rose Window at Chartres. I got it at an art supply store, where it was languishing in a "“final clearance"” bin, with no price tag. The clerk gave it to me for $5. I carried it for ten years, and then left it, somehow appropriately, under the pew during a district worship service. I still miss it, although I have a very nice iris umbrella now.

I also had a red rain slicker when I was in third grade. Everyone else had a yellow one, but mine was red. I think that'’s why I liked it--because it was different. Not too different, but just different enough to be interesting.

5. Favourite word for rain
"Typhoon." A typhoon itself is a terrible thing, but the word sounds lovely, like an elegant Japanese lady standing on a bridge in the rain with a blue oiled-paper umbrella.

Japanese woman on a bridge, c 1925.
(Kodak collection)

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Songbird said...

Oh, thank you for the story of your umbrella, and for the picture of the Japanese lady, both so evocative.

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