Friday, June 02, 2006

Friday Five: Summer Bockbuster Edition!

1. If you were a mutant, what ability would you like to have? (think superpower)
I would love to have an alternate face—just to be able to go places and not be recognized, to have a whole other identity, to explore things people don’t want/expect their pastor to do. I don’t really mean anything shocking here (although that has possibilities!); just simple things like going to another church on Sunday morning before my service, or seeing a really dumb movie, or lounging in the coffee shop on my day off (without having to explain that it IS my day off).

2. Tell us about a memorable road trip you've experienced.
The summer I was sixteen, my mother, my younger sister and I took a road trip from Michigan through Nebraska and Colorado to Utah, then back through Four Corners, New Mexico, Texas, and Missouri. I had never seen the Rockies before, and they have only been surpassed as scenery by the Pacific coast of California and the Bavarian Alps. It was also our first car with air conditioning, cloth seats, and an AM/FM radio—all chosen specifically with the trip in mind. We saw relatives and friends we hadn’t seen for years, took tons of photos, and celebrated the USA Bicentennial in Dinosaur Monument, Utah. I’ve never been back…

3. Do you enjoy solving riddles and working on puzzles? If so, what kinds?
I’m terrible at acrostics and codes. Crossword puzzles I love and I’m pretty good at. I once tried Myst, the computer game; it was very interesting, but ultimately frustrating because you had to keep solving the puzzles, even when you already knew the solution, in order to get to the next step. Either that or I missed a cheat somewhere.

4. Take two of your phobias and combine them to make a campy horror/disaster flick. What would it be called?
“Spiders on Top of Tall Buildings.” I hate heights and critters with lots of legs.

5. Just how batsh*t crazy is Tom Cruise, anyway?
Beyond human telling or comprehension.

Bonus: Name each of the five movies that inspired these questions.
X-Men:The Last Stand
The DaVinci Code
Scary Movie 4; Slither; The Omen--take you pick of fears.
Mission Impossible: III


Sue said...

I like your choice of superpower. Why is it that we have to explain that we have a day off???? Once when I was having lunch with a friend on my day off, and a woman from our church came over and sarcastically said, "Working hard, I see." Damn, that's harsh!

Rainbow Pastor said...

I hear you sister!

I'm trying to organize a personal retreat, and I find myself being sure to justify it in terms of benefit to the church, since it's classed as continuing education...same story, different chapter.

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