Saturday, August 05, 2006

Ceiling update

It will be longer than a few days before we get back into our office.

The workers started by removing the damaged plaster from the ceiling above the drop ceiling (what do you call that anyway? A sub-ceiling, like a sub-floor?). They discovered mould all through the plaster and the wood under the plaster. So now they have to do the bleach treatment; although I'm thinking they may have to remove some of the wood and replace it, if the mould has gotten too deep into the wood. And then they have to replaster. And then it has to dry. And then they have to install the (new) drop ceiling.

At one point I had thought we would be spending today moving back in. Now it looks like it will be the next weekend or the one after that...

I never realized all the implications when I walked into the office and saw our musician desperately snatching up the computer CPU, sloshing through three inches of water to the sanctuary and dashing back for the printer, dodging the ever-increasing drips from the ceiling. I didn't think of the way everything takes more time becauase we have to find our forms, instead of just opening a file drawer. Or how we have to re-organize where we put mail, so it doesn't get lost. Or just how long it might be before everything was back the way it should be.

Continue to keep us in your prayers, my friends. We still have a road ahead of us.

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Marie said...

So, so sorry. What a mess!! I'll be praying.

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